The location of the works is the power plant VNS - Pliva Savski Marof.

The subject of the scope, in the station for distribution of cooling and technological media, is the optimization of the primary pumps of the system 401, 403 and 404 on the water side. Existing dilapidated pumps have been replaced by new and more energy-efficient pumps, in order to ensure a better and more reliable supply of refrigeration and technological media and to achieve energy savings.


PLIVA HRVATSKA d.o.o., Prilaz baruna Filipovića 25, Zagreb

End of Project:



As part of the project, mechanical, electrical and construction works were performed, as well as works on the adjustment of the automatic pump control system.

KSB pumps with the following characteristics are installed:

3 pieces ETN E 250-200-320-GGS (575 m³ / h, H = 30 m, Pn = 75 kW)
2 pieces ETN 150-125-250 (250 m³ / h, H = 20 m, Pn = 18.5 kW)
2 pieces ETN 125-100-160 (250 m³ / h, H = 30 m, Pn = 30 kW)
2 pieces ETN 080-065-125 (105 m³ / h, H = 20 m, Pn = 11 kW)