A company that takes care of its economic, social and environmental impact is a successful company, and socially responsible business is a business model and way of management in which profits are made in a socially responsible way. Corporate social responsibility refers to the way in which organizations manage their business processes in order to achieve a positive impact on society, more precisely, it refers to taking responsibility for the impact of the company’s activities on society and the environment, so they are based on ethical conduct and are in compliance with legal regulations. Social responsibility is associated with almost all levels of organizational activity from recruitment to marketing. Positive and proactive action of the business sector above the levels prescribed by law in various business processes (e.g. production processes, environmental impact, employment policy, employee education, investment in the community, etc.), has become a common practice in the developed world. The characteristic of responsible organizations is the focus on strategically long-term oriented goals and activities that contribute to their achievement. Managing socially responsible activities means working with others (stakeholders), not in isolation.

A company that initiates and takes care of the environment and society in business, in addition to the prescribed legal obligations, is a socially responsible company. Business results, in this case, cease to be the only measure for evaluating the success of the company – as is the case with ENISON d.o.o.

Social responsibility is defined through several dimensions, all of which are equally important. Some elements of social responsibility deserve special attention, and these are ethical behavior, innovation and learning, inclusion in training, and environmental standards.

ENISON d.o.o. seeks to develop a business that is balanced and equally responsible in all three important dimensions: economic, social and environmental. In addition to the quality of its products and works, the company develops its social responsibility by building relationships with customers, business partners, and the quality of relationships with its employees, the environment and the overall social and economic environment.

The success of ENISON d.o.o. in terms of social responsibility will affect, inter alia:

➢ competitive advantage of the company

➢ the reputation of the company

➢ the company’s ability to attract and retain employees, customers and business partners

➢ maintaining employee morale, productivity, and sense of commitment

➢ the attitude of the owner and the financial community

➢ relationship with other companies, media, suppliers, organizations of the same level, users, and the community in which it operates

The company will respect and incorporate the principles of social responsibility and will consider two fundamental social responsibility procedures:

➢ recognize social responsibility in our area of ​​influence

➢ identify stakeholders and cooperate with them

The principles of social responsibility that ENISON d.o.o. will be applying (among others) are:

1. Responsibility

2. Transparency

3. Ethical behavior

4. Respect for stakeholder interests

5. Respect for the rule of law

6. Respect for international standards of conduct

7. Respect for human rights

ENISON d.o.o. will include social responsibility in its decisions and activities by applying guidelines that include the integration of social responsibility into organizational policy, organizational culture, strategies and operations, building internal competence for social responsibility, establishing internal and external communication on principles of social responsibility and regularly evaluating these actions and procedures. The company has recognized all the values ​​of corporate social responsibility and its daily activities respect the principles of corporate social responsibility. We place special emphasis on the care of people and all criteria related to the protection and preservation of the environment. To this effect, ENISON d.o.o. has also developed an environmental protection policy.

The company takes care of its employees, as the bearers of the company’s development, with the awareness that motivated, educated and satisfied employees are important for success, when they are enabled to participate in development processes. The principles of gender equality, equal opportunities, and non-discrimination on any grounds, in terms of employment status, wage growth, education and promotion, and accessibility for persons with disabilities, shall be respected. Care will be taken to develop, engage and motivate employees, and they will constantly be guided in accordance with their knowledge, skills and personal preferences. A constant analysis of actual and required positions will be conducted. When hiring new employees, an elaborate system of selection, as well as introduction to the job will be set up. The company’s management will monitor and check the quality of work of new employees and the degree of their integration into the work community. Development will be continuously taken care of, striving to systematically improve the identified potentials of employees – through internal and external education programs.

Among other things, this specifically means:

➢ The advertising of new jobs will be transparent, and the selection will be carried out on the principles of non-discrimination (the selection criteria will exclusively be acquired qualifications and work experience) based on the Guide to Promoting Equal Opportunities in the Workplace.

➢ Preference will also be given to persons who are otherwise discriminated against on the grounds of minority affiliation.

➢ The principles of gender equality (both in verbal and visual expression) as well as women’s participation in all activities will be promoted.

➢ Female employees will also go to trainings, which will enable them equal status.

Furthermore, ENISON d.o.o. is aware of the fact that building a balance between family and work is a key issue for implementing effective gender equality and opportunities, mostly because the growth of women’s participation in the professional sphere is not accompanied by appropriate participation of other family members in the private. Therefore, the planned improvement of the business will lead to a better organization of time, which will enable greater flexibility for employees (with children / elderly family members), who have a need for flexible working hours. In summary, ENISON d.o.o. is committed to business practices that promote socially and environmentally responsible economic growth, plans to improve and enhance working and environmental conditions, consciously reduce environmental impact, raise awareness of diversity and inclusion, manage business responsibly and uphold the highest ethical standards in developing and delivering its products. The above forms the framework of the strategy of social responsibility and the foundation of business success, and by encouraging all segments, the company’s goal is to encourage growth and development of employees, contribute to society and act to improve the quality of its products.