Replacement of equipment in the existing thermal substation. Mechanical, construction and electrical works performed within 20 days.

Zagreb International Airport

Zagreb, Croatia

Project completion:

Project description:

Demolition construction works were carried out, as well as complete reconstruction and rehabilitation of the interior of the TS.
As part of the mechanical works, the complete mechanical equipment was dismantled. The heating and cooling system on the existing building is designed as a two-pipe system.
As a heating source, a counter-plate heat exchanger is installed - water / water with a total heat output of 600 kW with a temperature regime of primary: 110 ° C / 70 ° C, secondary: 60 ° C / 80 ° C. An existing cooler is used as the cooling source. As part of the reconstruction, high-efficiency frequency pumps (cooling pump: 57.6 m3 / h), a device for demineralization, filling and preparation of water in heating and cooling systems (1200 l / h), a new system for maintaining pressure and degassing and complete control equipment were installed. The entire substation is controlled via a central control of automatic regulation.
Complete electrical works were also performed, which include dismantling the existing equipment and installing a new main distribution cabinet and electrical cabling (supply, delivery and installation of the distribution cabinet of the RO-TS heating station, reconstruction of lighting, electrical cabling ...)