Installation work on the construction of heating, cooling, ventilation and medical gases.

Reconstruction – upgrade of the internal clinic for the purpose of building a unified emergency hospital ward, with the construction of a bridge to connect with the surgery building and reconstruction of the internal road. Upgrade of the 2nd floor of the CT building, all within KBC “Sestre milosrdnice” emergency ward.

Clinical hospital centre "Sestre Milosrdnice", Vinogradska cesta 29, Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Project completion:

Project description:

The heating system consists of radiator heating, air curtains and heating via air conditioning heater. The heating source is "Shell And Tube" heat exchanger (steam / water) type 9B-I NIRO-Pireko, steam 6 bar / hot water 90/70 ° C, heat output Q = 3435 kW. As part of the project, a new thermal substation with 3 heating circuits (radiator heating, air conditioning chamber, air curtains) was built. The heating system is regulated by an automatic control system. Cooling of the building was performed through: VRF system (as a heat pump); air-to-air divided into 5 outdoor units and 65 indoor units located in the ceiling of the building with a total power of 123 kW
Air conditioning and water cooler system (2 pcs., 170.45 kW and 27.21 kW)
The ventilation system consists of 6 separate air chamber systems:
  • K-1 – 5.900 m3/h
  • K-2 – 4.200 m3/h
  • K-3 – 3.200 m3/h
  • K-4 – 4.500 m3/h
  • K-5 – 2.700 m3/h
  • K-6 – 3.200 m3/h